G27 Clutch sensitivity adjustment?

Anyone else finding the clutch way to sensitive on their wheel setups? It kinda ruins it for me since I catch damage when trying to shift even semi quickly. The clutch it has to be right to the floor and you tend to lose your momentum. I don't find this realistic since irl you can feather the power through the clutch and the engagement point is almost never right to the floor. It would be awesome to have a slider adjustment in the settings menu for this since big trucks would be a different engagement than smaller trucks.

I've found that this heavily dependent on how the vehicles are coded. I've noticed some mods have the clutch engagement towards the top.

I would like to see a larger engagement zone tho.

@articzap what truck had a high clutch?

not to sound stupid, but what clutch? i haven't come across this in 275 hrs of gameplay. could you pls explain? Rufus

@rufus G27 is a force feedback wheel setup by Logitech, it has a clutch and 6spd gear box that over rides the stock game automatic, 1+, low forward 123 and low reverse 123 gearbox. The clutch itself isn't realistic though, most other games you can setup the throttle, brake and clutch sensitivity in the setup menu on a slider. I'm hoping Mudrunner starts to take more of a simulator approach and gives us options to dial in these things in to our liking.

thank you for clearing that up Gambler. i looked the G27 up, i can definitely see where that set-up is the cat's ass . i've only played ST/MR and FS15/17. i would make that investment if it was supported in MR. thanks again Rufus

@rufus It works pretty good in Mudrunner other than the clutch being a bit weird. Mudrunner does a good job with the force feedback but I'd still like to see more setup options. The G27 is pretty old now, you could likely grab one for $100-$200 if you were interested.