On the desert map i managed to vualt into one of the large Sand Bags and managed to fall through the map. i did this 3 times in the spawn of the US
Last Photo is the spot Right Next To the hole in wall to go toward OBJ A and right where you can jump over the wall to go to the left hand side of OBJ A looking From Us Side
6_1536075770888_20180904163807_1.jpg 5_1536075770888_20180904163815_1.jpg 4_1536075770888_20180904163814_1.jpg 3_1536075770888_20180904163813_1.jpg 2_1536075770888_20180904163812_1.jpg 1_1536075770888_20180904163811_1.jpg 0_1536075770888_20180904163810_1.jpg