Teamplay is lost mostly

In 1/50 plays there is no Teamplay. You really need to fix that cause everybody is doing their shit alone. Observers arent responding after many times calling them and runs away.
Most of the players are only concentrated to get the most points and kills without thinking to stay on the Team. Its only my oppinion because i love Teamplays and i had to enjoy it often in the first Insurgency and this title is losing it whats really sad about it. I admit i didnt play ranked yet so i cant say about that. But i cant be the only one whos thinking like that, or am I?

I think removing the Kill/death on the score board might help. Most become obsessed with maintaining high K/D if it is displayed.
Furthermore, more displays should be made for team supporting actions. Taking obj, staying on obj, blocking cap, calling fire support, suppression, etc.

Teamplay is no longer purposeful.

Coop, for example:
You are nigh unkillable unless you stand on a grenade since bullets don't hurt anymore. No reason to be anywhere near your team as that increases the risk of getting exploded. There's 8 players to fight on a server with the difficulty and bot count to challenge 4 intermediate players. The time it takes to call mortars on the objective and wait for them to come down, you can walk up to the objective, shoot everyone there, blow it up and be half way to the next one.

On Sunday before the new patch went live rendering the game unplayable due to sudden frame hangs for myself and everyone I play with, the netcode bugged out. We had 4 of us, in Discord, alone, in a server where we got to play a couple of rounds. The entire experience changed. Enough people to cover directions, but few enough that communication and keeping track of eachother is practical. If one of you dies you lose a capability. Lose a commander, you're going to have a hard time taking the next point without some fire support softening up the numbers. Lose the demo, get fucked up by a technical. It's the most fun I've had in Sandstorm because it's the only time we've ever been incentivised to play as a team because there was actually some challenge involved.

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I mostly play Push as a commander and I've managed to get some great coordinated attacks going. You'll always get games with trolls and COD babies in them but I'd say we have a more mature demographic than average.

I disagree that this is something the devs have to fix. What would a game design solution look like? I can't think of anything that wouldn't have massive griefing potential.

Maybe the best thing would be a few simple UI tweaks like the Ins2 squad system — make certain teammates more visible to encourage sticking together. Or how about being in proximity of teammates gives you a resistance to suppression?

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