Interesting trend

There are 6 competitive players, 510 versus and 550 coop single player vs bots. So it seems this game is lastly competitive and mostly bot game. Strange for what it think is should be.

I think that's also because of how frustrating it is to get a comp game going. I often only get a game after the 5th try or so. Comp MM is not very good UX wise atm.

Also, i don't know why, but some people have this mindset of "this is beta, why should i play comp" as in: they think comp is real serious business.

Also part 2: the biggest portion of a playerbase normally consists of casuals. Not that that's a bad thing.

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I mean, no one really played firefight in INS so I don't know why NWI officially made it the "competitive" game mode. Push was by far the heart and soul of the pvp community. IMO firefight is too much like COD or CSGO.

@oldkingcole225 I agree.
The older ins "pros" dont.
We lose 🙂

The new commander system did much more for Push than Firefight.