Lose frames every time I aim down sights

Whenever I aim down sights I lose frames, around <10 frames then it will go back to 60 frames per second (what I have it capped at).
This stutter makes gunfights unplayable.
The only solution to this is to just stay ADS so your framerate won't stutter., which is hardly a solution.

Can confirm this happens to me a lot too. I'm trying to ADS real quick but it freezes for a good 200-400 ms and then returns to normal. More prevalent on larger scopes. (i think)

Try setting scope quality to low.

The framerate drop with zoom scopes and "high quality" setting is from rendering a part of the scene a second time with a different fov for the scope. That framerate drop can't be avoided entirely, but I too experience weird slowdowns on non-zooming sights, so there definitely is something wrong. I feel it's worse in PVP than PVE, can you confirm? PVP is basically unplayable like this for me.