Not spawning with the rest of team in a wave.

I have no idea how to replicate this as it's seemingly random. Occasionally, the respawn wave will "miss me", forcing me to wait another 30 seconds to spawn.

Yep or until the team camptures another point as in firefight... 😔

This can happen if the game thinks (or you actually) did not select a class. I am sure this happened to me when I died and was picking another class, doing the loadout and in the meantime the class was full.

This happens to me too.
After everyone moved from spawn i was able to press M and click deploy to spawn, but only after my teammates cleared spawn.

This happens a lot on hideout firefight for me.
1 time it happend TWICE in a row!

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I've seen this happened as well. Only I'm the one who spawned and the rest of the team did not.

I think it happens when someone had slower internet than others in the team and so when the players with faster internet have selected a class the ones with slower internet will have only entered the match.

happened to me plenty, in spite of having correctly selected the class.