(Note: I say "personal" since I don't know if these are widespread issues, thus high-end users should ignore this.)

My Rig:

  • GTX 1070
  • Intel Core i7-6700HQ @ 2.60GHz
  • 16 GB of RAM
  • 1920 x 1080 Display
  1. Stuttering: While my FPS is constant at 30 FPS (All my video settings are on Low, mind you), my game stutters every now and then. It's more intense during heated firefights on the objective. It's present in every match I play, but doesn't happen often that it's considered unplayable. But definitely something I hope gets fix later down the road.

  2. Texture Pop-Ups (Worst Issue of All!): It was the same during Beta Phase 1 and it is still here in Phase 2. Basically every time I respawn or if I spectate a player's screen, textures of the gun and hand models starts out low-poly before loading up fully. As for the map, certain props and/scenery wouldn't be fledged-out until I draw closer to the object. This is by no means not game-breaking in the slightest, it breaks the immersion so bad for me to the point I never look forward to respawning and seeing the textures pop-up once again. For this is the only issue I wish they look into right away before the final release.

  3. Crashing: While it only happen to me once during Phase 1, so far I had four crashes in Phase 2. Honestly, it doesn't bother me much since I click the "Report and Send" button then relaunch my game (sorry for not writing down the error code), but I feel this must be address since others won't take kindly to this common PC problem. And to be more specific, it only crashed on me during gameplay, not during start-up or in the Main Menu.

  4. Poor Performance when using Scopes: I heard this is a widespread problem, so I won't go into detail about it. Basically my game stutters more when I aim with mid-range and long-range scopes. Though, I seem to be unaffected with 1x and 1.5x optics. For this reason, I tend to stick with iron sights.

  5. Screen Flickering when Smoking: Almost always when I get in or near an active smoke grenade, my screen flickers in a dark tint constantly unless I leave the smoke radius. I'm not sure if the dark screen is supposed to stay rather then flicker or not appear at all. But I find it annoying and a pain for my eyesight to have my screen flicker when trying to be protected by smoke. Since smoke grenades are a very important tool in Insurgency and other tactical shooters, this problem only discourage me to use them effectively.

  6. Other, but very rare issues: Parts of the map will have either have a white blank canvas or corners of walls and other structures will have a thin white line, few parts of a map's texture will "spaz" out and flicker in a certain area and angle, had one instance where the G36 Assault Rifle had no firing sound but the reload audio was normal even after death and respawning, had a few moments where I shot someone many times in the torso but didn't register ending in my own demise, and lastly friendly players during respawn will either "spaz" out or be in a T-pose for a half second.

Well, this is all the issues I have with Insurgency Sandstorm so far, and none of it is deem unplayable. With that said Thank You Devs for taking the time to read this and working hard on this game to make it as polish as possible. I look forward to more fun on the battlefield.

                                                                                                                                                         -Von Kilotz