First off I just want to say that the game is super super fun and I really enjoyed the alpha and am enjoying the beta. You guys are putting some serious work into this game. Now onto my feedback and bugs.

My computer specs:
GPU- GTX 970
CPU- i5-4590
OS- Windows 10 Pro


  • Kill camera (watching other players before you re-spawn): The camera is too low in third person imo, I feel like it should be lifted up higher. Looking directly forward in third person, the ground and the player model take up too much screen space. I'd like it if it was more like Insurgency's.
  • Too much VO gets stacked on each other during the game. You can hear the observer call in fire support both over the voice comms and when he's standing right next to you. Also on the objectives you hear friendly VOs callout everything both on voice comms and next to you.
  • Player models feel out of place with the environment. They look a little too cartoony, not as dirty looking as Insurgency. Animations still need work. Walking and running on the ground looks clunky and unfinished.
  • Adding an American female voice to the game would be cool.
  • Weapon models are too bright. They look washed out at times because of how brightly lit they are, especially in the sunlight.
  • I feel you guys should paint red or a border on the map where we aren't allowed to go to in game. It gets confusing where is a playable area and where isn't, especially when defending a point on push maps.

Bugs and Performance

I have every graphic setting set to lowest to get 60 fps. I usually stay at 60 but it will dip frequently.

  • After getting into a new game, player and weapon models, and at times weapon sounds take an extra 1-2 minutes to load. Player model doesn't load for a minute on the deploy screen either when just getting into a new game.
  • I just got a spectating bug twice today. This happened after the 9/2 hotfix.1)I was on crossing map on push, as security, we just lost the first round. I was commander. As I was typing in chat, the team was swapped to insurgents, the screen did not change from the defeat/victory screen to the class select screen for me. I finished typing and then was stuck spectating my teammates. I had to wait until next wave to spawn. 2)Was also on crossing on push, spectating while dead, attack helicopter was above, was changing role from commander to demolitions to rocket the heli down, didn't spawn in with the wave. Was forced to wait until next wave again.
  • On the third point of crossing on push, defending C as insurgents, when the team respawns, one player almost always dies instantly when they spawn. It's the same spawning point it seems, and their dead body turns into a security model too. I also died once by this.
  • In game, If I press different function keys such as C, N, M, Tab, the comma button, or shift+tab, a solid 1-2 second screen freeze happens. The length varies but it happens whenever I load into a new game, start a new round, or after a few moments of not pressing any of those keys.
  • When spectating teammates, character models are bugged with how they hold weapons at times. Weapons clip into their arms, they hold them in the air backwards, their supporting hand holds onto mid air and not the weapon.
  • On crossing, on push, as insurgents, looking out across the map towards B, especially when on that main balcony with the rocks that overwatches B, the frame rate drops 20 frames+.
  • Frame rate also drops when spectating a player in a dark or shady area, that is looking towards a sunlit or bright, open area of the map.
  • Both helicopter engine sound effects reverb, and bug out briefly whenever I switch to different teammates to watch while I'm dead.
  • Mk 18, M249 and MP 7 bullet sound effects won't work sometimes while playing.
  • Occasionally when shooting at an enemy, more often close quarters, the game will freeze for .5-1 second. Possibly happens more when directly switching from a sprint to ADS.

Keep up the hard work and squash these bugs.

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