Is it just me or is the crossing map just a bit too bright?

I understand that it is a map where the sun is setting but there are certain areas where it is extremely bright, almost off putting, couple this with the fact the game doesn't currently have a brightness slider, it doesn't look pretty. and also some walls on the map hideout are a tad bright too and Idk if it has been increased from beta 1/alpha because I don't remember noticing it this much.

maybe I will have to tamper with the colours and contrast on my monitor and what not, but every other game doesn't look this weird.

Idk, what do you guys think?

a bit to light its been looked into.they will fix it..but yer it makes me feel sick plating this map .way to bright and way way to dark when entering buildings and tunnels ext..there are a few post by myself and a few other guys regarding this

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Also, the colors are too saturated in some maps. Feels like a cartoon..