Request deeper mud

Is it just me or in the beginning when playing spintires I would more commonly get stuck in mud. Witch is
in my opinion something good.

Love the game, every time I have some friends or family over I would have them try out this
game. I would explain how the game actually has physics and that mud in interacting with the truck. People who at first
would laugh at the game found themselves really enjoying it on my t300rs wheel. But when not getting stuck enough in the mud the game seemed less intricate and simply slow.

I strongly believe that the community would love seeing these truck sink in some deep mud.

you mean the old mud from the original, before the mud fix update? lol, would be nice to have a few places around to spice up things for sure.

alt text

alt text

although when making a map you had to be careful making deep sections. lol
alt text

This is actually a bit spooky.
When whole truck could be swallowed by a mudpit, it is maybe safer to stay home 😃


Lol exactly! The thrill is to suddenly fall into a pit of unsuspected man I shouldn't of passed here. Great screengrab!

I actually messed with some XML files the other day to make it more interesting
I believe to edit the Mud, it's either "mud_subparticles", "mud_chunk_a" or "mud_chunk_b"
they might all have something to do with it, but I dont know, I was in all of them though

I could've made it deeper and changed the Resistance and all but this was fine for me