Hey Guys,

I wanted to provide some feedback to help you're game and the potential revenue of the game.

As far as I see it, the game still has some work to do. Here is my honest feedback ->


  1. Microstuttering
  • It's really bad, all my friends call the game and I quote "Janky, wobbley, complete garbage optimization."
  • I applaud the patches since Beta 1, I have 20-30 extra frames now. However, in order to truly fix the game, the micro-stuttering needs to be fixed.
  • People will immediately refund the game with this stuttering, several of my close INS player friends have already 😞
  1. Overall Movement.
    *It doesn't feel like classic INS (yet). You're very close, but the Mouse movement and Jitteriness of the game is holding this back. Make the optimizations & changes and this should solve a lot of issues and make people happy.
  2. Hit Registration / Player Movement Speed.
  • I think the player movement speed seems a bit fast, on-top of that it becomes impossible to hit a player when they are running at a perpendicular angle to you're position.
  • Hit registration is bad at times, I have on several occasions unloaded a full clip into another player only to get shot and killed in 2-3 rounds.
  1. Overall Optimization / Netcode
    *Overall I feel there is still yet a lot of Optimization to be done on the game as well as optimizations on the Net-code as well to improve player experience.

Final Technical Feedback: If the game is as smooth as the original INS 2, and you are able to improve the hit registration (and make it better than the original source game). This game would be a 10/10 on release and I think you could sell a lot of copies.

Final Notes & Suggestions:
I love the game, and I think it can do very well. ONLY if the above suggestions are taken seriously. LISTEN to the community, POSTPONE the release and give the game a couple more months to work out the technical kinks and issues of the game.

Thank you for the hard work and I hope you make the best decision for you're game and that you guys end up doing well in the full release.