Underhanding Grenades

"Secondary firing grenades" or underhanding them seems laughably short and comparable to just dropping it on the ground instead of tossing them. They also seem to not have proper physics which will cause the grenades to stick to the ledges of open windows instead of tossing out of a window or then trying to toss them into a doorway only to find it a foot away from the door.

Almost killed myself (but died to gunfire directly after this) when I tried tossing a nade through the 2nd story window of I think B or C on Crossing (or whatever the map is called...). It hit the upper part of the frame and instead of bouncing inward it cam back out towards me, as if it had been thrown from inside the room and off of that part of the frame...

I agree with this, this secondary throw should work the same way as on insurgency source