Tech problems:

  1. when prone - the character is approximately 20 cm above ground.
  2. few crashes due to: out of video memory - using 1050 ti 4gb VRAM - full hd
  3. Overall I get a feeling that the 1080p is looking like 720p. The image seems unclear, not sharp short of.
  4. glitching issues.
  5. when someone kills me before the game starts - in the waiting period - right before the game starts - i remain dead until respawn.

General problems:

  1. 3 bullets with AK-74, and the person is still alive, even if he has heavy armor its too much. Similar problems with lighter guns - one needs to empty half of a clip to kill someone, especially when the person is wearing armor. Basically the armor is a complete overkill - compared to the first insurgency.
    I liked the more realistic approach of the first insurgency when it comes to how much it takes to kill a player - I was expecting even more pronounced mechanics with realism in mind but for now I don't see this in sandstorm - seems to me like the opposite for now.
    6.When the torso of a player is not visible u cant tell if he/she is wearing heavy armor, has a head protection or not.
  2. Can't throw a grenade/s when running as in the first insurgency - I think that that's something that would be possible in real-life too, so why removing this feature.

Restricted areas not visible on map - I am guessing that this is something that will be in the release

Keep up the good work!