Crashes and eac problems

Amd A8 6xx series
Radeon R5 2.65ghz
Ram 4gb ddr3
Everything is perfectly installed no problems on eac n game startup I can easily access cosmetics and character customization menus
But problem starts whenever I start the game weather online or local it's just sucks whole my gpu and make it crash with the message called Game security violation #0000006 While exiting the game but on steam game will be running while it is closed already and I can see some memory leaks also throughout loading screen I doubt that eac is causing problems new fix released didn't solve the problem I don't know what's going on with this NWI please help and fix this

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Disable software running on background (anything that hooks into the game, so overlays, security software, proxies, etc.) and remove any modifications such as SweetFX or ENB.

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That's the issue it doesn't show any particular problem or software which is causing problem so I don't know what to do for this I uninstalled my antivirus software too I think it's an engine issues it gives always problems to amd cpus please improve the compatability if you want I can send my dxdiag file

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