Issue with reloading sometimes.

Anyone else experiencing issues with reloading? i don't know the exact circumstances if it's caused by a set of certain actions. Sometimes when i do a reload, it doesn't actually reload, or there's only 1 in the chamber. I've even noticed it with shotguns. I'd reload all my shells and then engage an enemy only to shoot one shell then die, because my gun is suddenly empty.

yes, im having reload issues too. i have that exact issue with shotguns as well.
but i also i get this issue with any primary weapon. it happens when i completely empty my primary, begin a quick reload, but stop the reload half-way and switch to another weapon, then switch back to the primary and finish the reload. i should have a full mag at this point, but im actually empty and have to reload again.

also, idk if this counts as a "reload bug", but when i shoot a SMAAWS rocket launcher, it automatically switches to my primary after firing, but only sometimes.

Same, or sometimes when i reload and eject the magazine and stop while im putting the new one in, and i commence to reload again i will have to eject the magazine once more despite me doing that already