Unable to change certain keybinds

I posted about this issue during Open Beta 1, but the issue still exists. Certain keybinds, like W for walking forwards, are hardcoded and unable to be changed completely. I play with ESDF as walking keys, so I set W to lean left, but when I press it after the change, I lean left and walk forwards. The use key, F, is also hardcoded.

This issue should no longer be valid. However if you were part of previous Betas/Alphas, you will still have the old config files with the old keybinds.

Go to:


And delete "Controls.json" file, then redo your in-game keybinds to your liking or you can just edit the file itself and remove duplicate keybinds if you want.

That worked, thank you! I had deleted steam folder for insurgency for the new round of beta, but not appdata folder.