Eng. isn't my first language so there will be spelling mistakes
I've played ins from 09 and enjoyed every second
I spend most of my summers on Russian servers fighting the BDSM clan in Almaden Sinjar and
Karam with my favorite M14 half auto sniper in the best community I had ever seen in a game .
Now I play only coop ( idk why the pvp in modern infantry was great but in ins it was less enjoyable for me )
my stats carried over from the alpha so I got to rank 64ish 😤

this post is not to shit on the game just some subjective thoughts , there were lots of great changes but in my opinion there are some things that should be added or changed

  • first thing I miss is commander commands from the last ins ( "HOLD", "spread ", "flank right" etc. )

  • second thing is commander is too op in security side, some maps I just run thru objectives
    0_1535970188230_20180901150610_1.jpg therefore my team can't really enjoy the game , in some maps I can just destroy objectives with mortars if I aim at the right spot , I assume this was not intended but this happens

  • I really hope there will be difficulty options to the bots , but not in the m203 spam way

  • maybe I'm just lucky but the game runs grate for me 95 ~ fps with effect vh and texture vh
    and all else on low ( 980 ti 6700k after the "-useallcores" thing )
    I had only 1 crash and almost no stutter But I've seen mouse sensitivity issues
    there is a difference between ins and security , and some times when I respond after death the sensitivity goes up for some reason but maybe its just me .

  • there are still bot bugs 0_1535970540152_20180902185545_1.jpg
    that I hope will be fixed another bug ( I think ) is sometimes when there are explosions near ,you might get killed inside of buildings
    sometimes the bots don't react other times the one-shot you from 100m
    sometimes they are bullets sponges (10+ shots ) other times they die just from 2-3 center mass

  • thing is there spun and patron is predictable
    on the security team when we face a counter I either camp inside the objective waiting for mortars or go to there spun and demolish there counter for example summit objective E mortars go on the main rode I leave my team to defend and run back up to there cave and get like 15+ kills with no effort , on point F you just put the technical on the right of the point and the bots do have a chance even if my team dies they cant get to me

  • some weapon changes confuse me like the sks is so useless now compered to the last ins where it was a one shot weapon , now I just take m4 with 50 round mag and I'm almost unstoppable

  • Fu😡 **ing smoke , I hate that 💩 so much , in the last ins you were invisible to the bots when you were inside it and now its the opposite if I see smoke on the map I just stay as far away as possible and in the few pvp I played the pushing team just spams smoke all the way thru ALL our objectives

  • the sound is amazing but there are glitches some times there's no character voices other times no gun sounds it usually happens after a few hours of playing

  • ping and servers in general
    I you had a server in the middle east but that's not realistic so ill just live with it
    there are only a few servers where I get under 100 ping ( at lest in the last ins )
    my main issue is map changes , if this is how the game will work - after every match you out of the server its gonna be very painful for everyone if you could bring back the map vote ( and in general bring back voting ) the would be great

the game is good there are lots of thing i enjoy but if the game wont have new maps and more difficult bots I might just go back to ins
idk why but this is just starting to get boring