Before I start with the issues I have come across the past few days, I want to thank the developers for constantly updating the game when we're playing and Thank You alot of listening to your players! With that said, here are the things I came across:

  • L85A2 has a bug with the scope (Holographic 1x, I haven't used other sights yet) on which you ADS and look down and the magazine will be glitched in the way of the scope making it absolutely impossible to see where you are aiming. When you are aiming center or high, this isn't an issue, if you look down without ADS you can actually see the magazine sitting on your chest.

  • (This has been addressed by others before, but still mentioning it)
    In the first Insurgency it took like 1-3 bullets to kill a person, now it takes 3-6 bullets depending on their level of armor, it irritates me a little because bots are upgraded to kill and aim faster now so you need to be quick with taking them down, usually I have my weapon on Semi-Auto and I need to switch to full auto to kill a bot/person or I'm the one getting cooked.

  • (Also addressed before)
    the smoke screen is buggy as hell. When you throw a smoke and run through it your screen will start flickering alot until you clear the smoke and it will mess you up for a good couple of seconds.
    Also when a smoke is thrown normally when you look right at it (center) you cannot see a thing, when you look left or right, the center area of the smoke screen will clear up and you will have perfect line of sight of enemies (big disadvantage for attacking teams)

  • (Also addressed before)
    the 2x ''flip sights'' are obviously non-flippable, would be cool to have it actually work for a flip sight since the 1x Holographic just doesn't do the distance sometimes.

  • When loading in to a game it mostly takes (for me atleast) like 5-10 seconds before my weapon actually loads in when I picked a class. Also, the extended magazines or drum mags are not shown in the weapon customization menu.

  • I don't know if I'm the only one but the brightness is on some parts of the map very bright and on some dark areas very dark (f.e. look at the sandbags, pretty dark textures, and the outside of a building is f.e. pretty bright), difficult to explain but there isn't a brightness setting so I can adjust it, sometimes it's difficult to spot enemies in the distance due to the brightness of it.

  • The planting of a bomb is pretty weird. If the 2 of you are f.e. planting it (happens alot in games I play) then you will not get a notification the bomb is charged and ready to detonate, so the other person might still be planting it (because it will not stop automatically when planted) and the both of you get a phone to blow it up (so it's double planted). Also the explosion will not cause Team kills but if you accidentally shoot your team mate that person dies from friendly fire (I've sat next to an exploding bomb and didn't die, I was unaware it was ready to detonate).

  • There a some slight issues when vaulting over stuff or jumping on a little ledge. For me the game sometimes freaks out (like the screen flickering of the smoke screen) and it will not allow me to jump on something, instead I have to walk around or walk backwards and then try again to jump on it.

  • I don't know if it was a one time thing or if it was actually designed that way, but when I was playing coop, I sat next to a door, I heard the enemy outside so I aimed at the door, the AI kicked the door in and I died (not 1 shot was fired). If you open a door normally it would get stuck on something behind the door but apparently kicking it in would kill you haha.

As far as I can remember this is basically it. Again, Thank You NWI for making such an awesome game and working on it everyday. Although the little issues, I'm having tons of fun playing and it is definitely one of my favorite games so far!

Running a GTX 970 4GB
I7 2600K 3.40Ghz
16GB Ram