Gas Mask Animation

Just a simple update of bringing back the gas mask animation. Personally, I think it looks cool and gives you a tactical decision to get behind cover before putting it on because it leaves you vulnerable during the animation. Without the animation, it looks weird. Tho this is just my opinion.

@DOCTOR-skrub It had an animation during beta 1, looked so cool putting it on in first person. It seems like it's bugged atm, there is no reason for taking the animation out.

@Jarple Hell yeah it looked cool. Without it, our characters feel weird and awkward when the mask just appears out of thin air. I hope they bring it back.

You know what could be rad? When in situations where blood would splatter on your mask, whether it's from the enemies' blood up close or your own, you simply press the same bind key to wipe it off. You hold the bind key when equipped to take it off. Getting that serious Metro vibe with that extra animation. Tho it would feel like chore in firefights and it is unlikely to happen. Still sounds rad when done right.