Tokens are too hard to earn

Characters in this game are ugly compare to the former insurgency. So it needs a lot of customize to make the characters to look okay.Right now the items can only be unlocked through level up.
When i level up:
1.I can unlock one random item.But this game got 40+ camos just for one type of bandana. Right now i'm level 18 i got 8 different camo just for one same bandana through random unlock.So it's kind of useless.You are extremely lucky if you unlock something you want through random unlock.
2.I get 100 token.But the item i want require 1000 token to unlock.And the exp i need to reach next level increases every time.I need to be level 55 just to unlock all the item i want for security team character.I can't imagine how much time it gonna take me.I don't know if i can stick that long before i lost all my patient.
Player should be rewarded properly when they finish a match or level up.But right now all i feel is pain.
I think more token should be rewarded when someone complete a match or level up.Or reduce the token needed to unlock a item.

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Yeah, I have to agree (although I like the basic character as well). I spent about 5 hours of total in-game time, reached level 10 and I just reached the point to buy a different kind of boots, and still far away to change the camo. I can't even dream about creating two or three different characters for the different maps.

I would not say hard but it is slow and boring.

Personally I think that token acquisition should be faster and not just based on leveling up.

First at all I think that token gain for levels should be upscaled if you gain a higher level. Those are just some exampled for demonstration now.

Level 1-10 -> 100 Tokens per level
Level 10-20 -> 200 Tokens per level
Level 20-30 -> 300 Tokens per level
Level 30-40 -> 400 Tokens per level
Level 40-50 -> 500 Tokens per level
Level 50-60 -> 600 Tokens per level
Level 60-70 -> 700 Tokens per level
Level 70-80 -> 800 Tokens per level
Level 80-90 -> 900 Tokens per level
Level 90-100 -> 1000 Tokens per level

Apart from that I think people should also earn tokens based on their performance/xp gain at the end of a match. This could also motivate players to play more objective focused.

Maybe convert 5% of the end round xp to tokens. So let's say you get 5.000XP you will get 250 tokens.

A good way to solve this might be like 5 coins per kill or 10 per objective. The first example I can think of is Battlefield Hardline.