The gamemodes are not fun....

The only fun gamemode is Push because players have a chance to get off spawn and survive and it forces player to work together to take the objective or defend the objective. The other gamemodes should be more like Push because at there current state its just people running around in a "Call of Duty" manner not working as a unit they just run all around shooting anything that moves. Please look a Skirmish and those Fuel Truck placements or just take them out.

I would highly recommend grouping up with friends and playing together. There is a party system in the game now. I have been playing with friends since they added a party system and the experience has been significantly more enjoyable across the board.

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I agree.
Thankfully, the shooting feels solid so it draws me in for now.

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Push is the best mode, and always has been.

Honestly, insurgency should just have push, search and destroy and TDM.

@jj4prez Yeah, thank god they are basing their competitive mode to pus- no wait. 😃

@jj4prez No thanks. I don't enjoy running through glorified meat grinders all day.

Besides that, why do you get to determine what game modes INS should have?

Sorry to say that but it's not a CoD or Battlefield like. It's realistic tactical shooter. In game too many players rush and dont comunicate with team, we lost 1rst wave after 1 or 2 minutes, on this game you need to BE patient, walking, look around, cover your team, you cant win alone