Since the Alpha I noticed a few errors that carried on to the Beta. Since I wasn't able to get screenshots or recordings, Ill try to describe the problems i found as best i can.

Ill be starting with the map errors I have found thus far.

1)On the map Farmhouse Skirmish, there is a jump from site D which allows you to jump out of the map and not get killed (Countdown will not start if standing on a specific spot) Downside is you aren't able to jump back into the map thus keeping you stuck out.
2)In Farmhouse Push, during Insurgents attack, there is a specific spot on the first push (Obj A) where you can see the Security forces spawn allowing spawn killing. The spot is on the broken wall on site C found in skirmish.
3)On the map Refinery (or oil rig I really don't recall) during push when insurgents are defending site C, on the roof between the sandbags and a box you have a clear line of site to the enemy's spawn and you can guess what that can do.

Now gun errors i've found.

Nothing game breaking but more of annoying issues i've found are sometimes when a smoke grenade or an explosion happens, gun sounds tend to stop working. I found that to fix this i had to reboot the game. Another error is when you have a scope and a laser pointer, the center of the scope and laser do not align. I found this tedious because most shots followed the laser instead of the scope.

And finally somethings I think should be added. More specifically the map zones similar to the original insurgency. Having the map clearly show where you can and cant be can be very beneficial in my opinion. I'm not sure the reason for not adding it to the game this time but the best reason i can think of is making the game more realistic but either way this is an opinion not a must. Another thing i believe should be fixed is the throw range of C4s and IEDs, like i can barely throw the thing over a wall. Also performance issues but i hope those can be resolved over time.

And thats that. Since its still the Beta Ill try to find more glitches and errors to further make the game better for everyone. Im glad to see some veryyyyy annoying spots from the alpha is gone such as climbing the damn mountains and sniping people from impossible spots and i hope the game turns out even better during the full release.

Thanks for the time
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