Hotfix 2 feedback

This last Hotfix has stopped the stuttering in my game and made my gameplay seem more smooth. but they only problem i see is that when i get in gun fights my frames drop from like 60 fps to like 40 fps. idk why that is but it would be great if it could get fixed in the future.

Same here, stuttering still present with second patch. GTX 970 i5 2500k 16gb ram and SSD. For some reason they happen on crucial moments for me, like when getting shot at or turning around in a corner.

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i have a gtx 660 with 16 gb ram and a i5 3750k and the same thing happens with me. but i think when i play with bots on local play the gameplay is almost perfect

On summit my fps drop from 72 to 4 or 2 and became unplayable.

GTX750 OC 12Gb Ram FX-8120 8 cores 3.1ghz not the greatest set but anything run just fine on that rig.