I was wondering since this last hotfix which it helped a lot we will see some maps and servers optimzation before launching.

Hideout and Summit makes my fps jump all over the place that makes me drop from 60 -70 fps to 4-16 fps.
Crossing isn't that bad but it still have areas that makes my fps to drop but it is more playable and enjoyable than the other 2.
Farmhouse runs smooth as silk i think because it's been out there longer time than the other maps and had more feedback.

I also tried all maps playing as security forces and insurgents locally and they gave me more fps than when playing over the internet. Still fps drops on the mentioned maps.

Another thing i noticed is playing as an insurgent on Summit and Hideout give me more FPS drops than playing as security forces that makes my game to stutter and get micro freezes.

Some servers have better performance than others on same maps so i'm guessing some of them have been more optimized than the other ones? Maybe running better hardware? less VM's?

Anyway, hope to see another hotfix soon improving maps and servers and it will be nice if we can test the server side before launching that way we can get used to the server setup on windows or linux or even reporting server side issues before the launch day.