I was noticing how everyone was complaining about the TTK to the game, and I was just thinking of a new idea. It does sound kind of stupid, and may or may not fit the pace of the game, but I just gotta get it out anyways.
Let's say you got shot in the arms. That would increase the recoil and sway of your guns. If you were shot in the legs, you would start limping, and whenever you would ADS and move at the same time, you would start "bobbing" up and down. If you were just shot in the chest and survived, you would just sprint/move slower or something of the sort.
I know that this sounds complicated for a game of this scale, and would better fit a milsim type of game, but I guess I was just tired of the people debating the TTK. I feel this would be a good compromise, cause it doesn't entirely add back the lethality of the OHK to the game, but it still punishes you for getting hit.