to dark inside buildings now

to dark inside buildings now. crossing map has been dimmed down and i think it was better b4 when outside,but no when you go in building ,its way to dark ,i can hardly see

notes from fix..
Removed sun and a few effects due to rendering issues and to improve readability for gameplay.

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bump what. it hurts my friken eyes man its that bad,you cant see this????

I'm the one who made the post with all the pictures.... you even commented in it. Or do you just not know what "bump" means. I'm agreeing with you...

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ahh i think we posted same time bro.hopes its not only a few people seeing this as they may not fix it,iys unplayable now..i will need glassed soon

Do you have this issue on all current beta maps?

no only crossing map,as yous have chanced the lighting ,taken away the sun as i read in your recent hotfix,when you enter the rooms we can hardly see anything,was beautiful b4 this i think

Yes, not only in buildings but in shadow in general. I experience eye-squinting-type-lightning on more maps except Farmhouse. Its like Panj from the first insurgency but with a higher light/darkness contrast. Poor lightning on Panj was part of the fun but these dark shadows seem unnatural.

The problem I'm having isn't just that certain things are too dark. It's that the sunlight no longer feels "warm" or bright... and on most/all of the maps everything seems to have this barely detectable light-brown film-grain to it Just look at how even the "blue" sky in this picture is awash with browns and even the green of the trees and grass is dulled out and looks bleak/filtered.


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Exact same issue. It seems a contrast thing too as bright areas are more washed out, but definitely worse in dark areas which lack detail and clarity.

No eye adjustment over time as in games like SW battlefront where initial blindness or darkness recede as eyes adjust to change in light. quite a cool effect!

@iggor003 Yeah, Obj A in crossing is much darker before the hotfix.