Washed graphics were better! Do you agree?

In this last patch today, the devs changed the graphics contrast. The game became more colored but I think the first style was better and more natural! The color pallet seemed more real.
Inside houses became good in this new way though.

What style do you prefer Insurgency players?

Photorealistic is better.

I do net agree, I don't want the game to look like it was washed with bleach 😉

@shadoware said in Washed graphics were better! Do you agree?:

What style do you prefer Insurgency players?

The one where everyone can choose their own preference. This is purely a matter of taste with no right and wrong. One player might even like to switch it up regularly to keep it feeling fresh. I would like if there was an easy non-modding way to feed your own color grading LUTs into the game and have the devs provide a neutral one that can be used in tools like Photoshop, Speedgrade or Blender to author custom color grading LUTs that then can easily be shared in the community without needing to know anything about the UE4 modding toolchain.

@grotesqueshadow I agree. I do find the new lighting has better visibility overall (except for Farmhouse), it be great to see colour grading options like DoI. I really liked the filter they used on the Alpha 1 footage.

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