The Lighting Is Borked. Was Fine Yesterday (Many Examples)

It was fine yesterday, but now interiors are too dark, outside is dull and lifeless, foliage shadows in water are broken, and even worse... The lighting randomly decides to CHANGE throughout the match.

For some reason if you tap Esc (Open the menus) and go back to the game, wherever you were at the time is now 50% darker. Try it. Here is a before and after.

Before tapping Esc. (already too dark IMHO... was much brighter yesterday [9/1/18])0_1535943103725_Inside 1.jpg
After tapping Esc
0_1535943186358_Inside 2.jpg
Go look at a light source, tap Esc and then return to game and notice it's now waaay darker. Here is (best I can do) a picture from before todays patch from that exact same corner showing how much brighter it was

But there are other issues now too. Foliage shadows in water are broken. 0_1535943225693_Water 1.jpg
And after taking a few more steps back...
0_1535943248839_Water 2.jpg

Here is an area under the large tower where the lighting is totally broken. 0_1535943305797_tower 1.jpg
It's like entering a void.
0_1535943321799_tower 2.jpg
This is a picture taken inside it and I haven't even tapped Escape yet! (if you can believe it)
0_1535943342275_tower 3.jpg

I think a really good example of how the lighting has been broken is by showing the loadout customization area(good lighting) 0_1535943360034_interior 1.jpg
and a VERY similar area where the lighting is horrible.
0_1535943381352_interior 2.jpg

I really hope they at least inform those of us who were happy with the lighting the way it was which files to edit to get it back to the way it was, or fix it themselves.

And somewhat unrelated, but the Security base on Crossing is very poorly thought out. The general layout is a mess, and there are multiple examples of it being quickly slapped together
0_1535943283274_Shoddy Base.jpg

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do you play borderless/windowd?

i play fullscreen and im seeing this also way way way to dark

Yes windowed borderless. It has better alt-tab functionality and other benefits.

uummmm shouldnt be like this in the first place. i cant even play it now hurts my eyes now its a joke ,im sure they will fix it but if they dont .then lokes like i got riped off,cause i wont play in this state

Noticed the same thing, but both issues were present before the latest patch.

The lighting randomly changing by hitting escape has nothing to do with the lighting itself. It's an issue in the exposure system, which should hopefully be fixed in the next update.

Foliage shadows in water is an issue with baked lighting, will be addressed in one of the upcoming updates.

The area under the large tower and the "poorly" thought out security base are missing assets. Will be fixed in the next update.

Keep in mind this is a beta and things can break during these final weeks.


By "poorly thought out" i just meant that the Hesco bastions should be all the way up to the cliff edge, because enemies can just walk outside the perimeter and look DOWN into the base (very dangerous). Plus, having the Hescos be on the cliff edge would allow someone peering over them to watch the road (by maybe having a small board walkway just at the right height for someone to peer over). Same goes for the structure I took a picture of overlooking the valley entrance. Putting it all the way up to the cliff edge would allow someone on guard duty there to actually see anyone coming. In addition, on the road coming in. It's standard to have some sort of obstacle to force vehicles to slow and slalom before reaching the gate (to prevent suicide bomb cars from driving straight in) It's just one of those things that would add to the believability and realism of the place.

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@xanthi you say this randomly happens by hitting escape,,no sorry i dont hit ive said its the whole map go near tunnels its pitch black go in the sun its to i said its was perfect b4 the fix,to be honest as it was a few days ago i thing the lighting on this map(crossing)is the best looking map..well was ,so all you need to do is go back to how it was ,and maybe even do somthing similar to the other maps are some are just to washed out and dull to compere to how this map looked

Exactly how I felt. Crossing was the best. Others were dull like there was a filter on everything.