Why are the bolt action sniper rifles nerfed?

If I wanted to play COD with sponge mechanics I would but if I hit someone dead center with a bolt action sniper and they don't go down why bother sniping at all? For this game to be successful all that had to be done really is better level design which they have and use the same gun mechanics from the original. The sound design is probably the best thing this game has going for it. The graphics are wonky at times and get randomly blurry. Make weapons lethal again.

The bolt action rifles have AP rounds by default so it should technically one-shot enemies already.

@abekrie It doesnt. I was hit by snipers soo many times in the game, and still managed to survive. Although i was glad that i did not die, i was thinking to myself "wtf i should have died a long time ago".

Ins Source did it much better. A sniper would be a huge threat to the enemy team, they'd all take cover and specifically target the enemy sniper because of how dangerous he is. Now, snipers are just like any other player.

yeah i really dont like the fact that i have to line up a perfect head shot with a slow fire rate gun. it just doesn't feel good one bit.