The TTK in this game is dumb. I get that they're trying to make armor useful, but this just makes the guns feel like their shooting peas. It'd be cool to have a feature where getting shot slows you down and not be able to fire, effectively decreasing the TTK all while keeping armor useful. Gameplay should be scary, at this point is just boring and generic.

(Not sure if this is a TTK issue but an issue nonetheless)

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Are you playing with high ping? I've noticed the hit detection is very fucked with high pings so TTK is way higher. People with low pings tend to kill their enemies much faster. Also, bringing back HP and AP ammo could be effective for this

TTK is actually not bad, I think what you and many other people are see is desyncing or poor hit detection. Playing against bots in local play, where you are the host, makes the TTK feel like original Insurgency even when the bots have heavy armor; it takes 1-2 shots in the chest to kill. Now, I've noticed that TTK is much higher in online games most likely because many of the bullets don't actually hit your intended targets. I'm pretty certain it's client-side issue. Try experimenting with Local Play to see if it's any different from online play.

@dootybooty said in TTK:

Also, bringing back HP and AP ammo could be effective for this

If you complain that you can't drive your car at full speed because of a broken street, you fix the street. You don't make the car faster.

btw: you can see his ping in that gif! make it fullscreen. top left corner. 90 ping.

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