The commander's "glowing" reticle when using the binoculars. I thought it was ALWAYS supposed to be yellow, but then I played singleplayer and noticed it turns GREEN when you can make the call, and then turns yellow when you are unable to make another call (because one is already incoming!)

Then there are the visual bugs with mortars. Every single mortar call in the game was horribly visually bugged for me in multiplayer. The explosions are fine, but the incoming mortars aren't visible except for some horribly squiggly smoke lines. Then after the explosions i can see the mortar rounds shooting UP into the sky.

The same thing happens for rockets. I made a whole thread about it here

But then I played singleplayer. EVERYTHING WORKS! The rocket barrages come down fine! I can even seen them coming from way in the distance! Now I can even see the mortars raining down out of the sky! It's so easy to dodge them when you can actually see each individual round!

I have no idea why it is 100% bugged for me online, but works fine when I play on my own...but I hope the devs will figure it out, since I don't plan on playing this game with just bots....