Feedback abt security clothing and distribution of credits (coop)

The game is really solid at its beta form but it's mainly about the distribution of credits for the clothing...

So I've been playing Coop n Versus n it's cool but I noticed that the clothing is somewhat plain and generic, it's best if you guys can maybe add more clothing/hats/helmet styles for the Security or even masks? I feel they look too plain and cliche compared to the insurgents. Also, I feel 100 credits per successful run is too little with the amount of work you have to put up due to the AI being impressively smart, I'd say around 250 + extra for the kills, support, etc.

Have you not looked though all the different clothes they have? I think I started with 1600 credits and changed out my Ins and Sec forces looks. Now that I have earned more, I have more options.