MAPs : "gettin Stuck" areas

SUMMIT : E4 on the grid. Rocks on the left of the path when you are walking down, if you get in it you cannot get out and get stuck in a falling animation loop

CROSSING : When you get down to D point in push, going on the left, there is a small barb-wire fence next to a orange/red house, if you get on the wall (there is a small path you can climb on) and then try to fall behind the barb wire fence, you get stuck. Going prone gets you out but needs a fix

Thanks for the game guys, even in beta state it is hella fun guys, amazing job!!! Nailed the gunplay 😉

Another one in Crossing, with the screenshot....Rocks in F6

0_1535926514144_Insurgency Screenshot 2018.09.03 - 0_1535926517858_Insurgency Screenshot 2018.09.03 -