Lost all of my money and items from alpha and beta 1.

I thought this was a total reset for everyone but am now hearing most people kept their clothes and money.

Most if not all shouldve lost those items man. it will be a total reset on launch either way

I kept my clothes in awkward broken methods. Beta 1 I used female security force model with POLYPAT and the cool upgraded clothing (slim fit, combat pants whatever). Beta 2 started me as a blank female security force member, but when I clicked the switch to "male", it changed me back to the Beta 1 female character, even keeping the settings so I could only choose female options. I had to click randomize to reset it because I wanted a male character too. I lost all my cool shit but oh well. Time to grind! (shit costs so much now :/)

Oh yeah, I kept my money too, which was only like 700 credits. Are we supposed to get 1000 on resets as a start? If so, I came out a loser lol