This is my feedback after playing 10 hours (level 16) on the beta2.

High priority:
• Give players longer to join (50% of the players are not in the first round)
• Report system
• Keep improving performance

Medium priority:
• Make the knife a 1 hit kill (other wise it is useless maybe add a nice take down animation for us ninja players)
• Call out spam (people keep spamming I need a radio 20 times at once)
• Map bugs there are objects you can go through (happens mostly in rocks/mountains) and you can shoot at the enemies without them being able to see you
• The car turret has a bug where it sometimes does not fire (this happens to me 25% of the time I use it)
• The out of bounds system should be improved especially in the game mode where it keeps moving

Low priority:
• color blind support (aka being able to change the colors as I find it really hard to see the blue tags on my teammates)
• Improving the main menu

Things I would like to see added to the game:
• Modding support like in the original insurgency
• More game modes and more maps with different terrains

Really enjoying the game, keep up the good work!