I posted my issue on the Steam forums, but I was told that a lot of the devs look here for problems, so I figured I would post my issue in two different areas.


That's the link to my problem, but I'll give you all the tl;dr version here:

I was playing yesterday for about 3 - 4 hours
Was going to take a break and do life things
Before I exited I saw a "Give feedback button" so I clicked it because why not.
When I clicked it, the game... minimized? Closed? I don't remember exactly.
The website was launched and my Malwarebytes freaked out at the EAC I guess and blocked an executable
Did all the verification of files, restoring the file, file whitelisting, repairing and reinstalling the EAC.

The last thing to do is re-install the game, but I have boonies internet so it'll take a long time and the death of my precious bandwidth so if this is something that works, I want an actual confirmation it'll solve this problem before going through the long downloading process.