Optimization Issue Zones (OIZ) + Bug Report

I've enjoyed Sandstorm, but optimization (Frame Issues) have really cast down my excitement. Who wants to play a rough performing FPS? Due to the issues, I'll be posting maps/specific spots (Zones) and issues where frame rate is hit the most.
Specs: Intel i5-7300HQ@2.5GH 8GB RAM
Nvidia GTX 1060
(Alienware R3 15)
HP24w Monitor


  • MG iron sights are a blob of metal mesh, removing visual clarity.

  • Under certain circumstances, insurgents arms will slim down to hilarious sizes. 0_1536594826787_20180902121218_1.jpg


  • After completion of a COOP map (Crossing) the game crashed abruptly.

  • Large artillery barrages accompanied by smoke grenades completely freezes system to 7fps then returns to 40-50fps. (Of course all the particles and effects cause the issue, doesn't excuse the fact it happens.)

  • Screen Bleeding occurred when alt tabbing from full screen back into the game and viewing the scoreboard. (Effect also lasted through defeat screen)


  • Summit- Obj. Foxtrot through Golf suffers moderate frame rate loss.

  • Crossing- Obj. Charlie through Golf suffers moderate frame rate loss.

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Edit: Added bug section.