Blurred screen make me sicks

Hello Guys:

First this is my configuration :

I7 6700HQ - 3,2 Ghz
8 go DDR4
GTX 1070 8go DDR5
Game install on a SSD.

When i play Insurgency sandstorm after 15/20 minutes of playing i'm sicks, all mouvement is out of focus. This problem make the game unplayable.

I test run à game on low settings / very hight settings. I lowered the résolution but nothing running.

Do you have an issue for this problem ?
Thanks 😊 😎

Yes motion blur still off

Did you eat psychedelics before playing?

No lol 😁
That the 1rst and only game make this, even i using eyes care, i found no way for this problem

Try different anti aliasing settings. Provide a screenshot or video of how it looks wrong.
Are your gpu drivers up to date?

I gonna try différent degree of anti aliasing on my NVIDIA settings, Yes all update it's OK and all of my game run correctly on ultra settings: PUBG, Escape From Tarkov, Bf1 and more.
Tommorow i Will send you screenshot in game
Thank you