Every second stuttering

i5 - 6600
GTX 750 TI

Game feels very smooth when game doesn't stutter. Playing 'Versus' is literally stuttering every second. I'm debating if I should buy an SSD, buy an SSD with 8gb more ram, or just buy 8gb more ram.

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You're system is fine, I have an i5 4670k and an GTX 780, 8 gigs of ram and the game worked perfectly (until I had a EAC problem recently) The problems are random stutters, random freezes and the game looking like it's loading when you're playing it. It's pretty bad, but nothing to do with your system. There are users with 1080ti's with the same issue and that card is a beast compared to ours.

Thanks for the reply. Are you getting consistent stutters? I'm not taking about random stutters either. Stutters that are happening every half second for about a second. Some maps are worse than anothers. I've heard of people buying SSD and fixing stutters that occurring non stop. I don't mind a stutter that occurs every 30 seconds because it's on beta but the stutter I'm experiencingbis making this game unplayable. I know that adding more ram or an SSD will help.

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Given that the game appears to be accessing the drive a lot when the stuttering is happening getting an SSD will improve your stutters.
But, its not your system, it shouldn't stutter at all, its just a case of something in the BETA that needs fixing.