General feed back(co-op) and feature suggestions

I mainly play co-op.
The explosive spam by the bots is drastically reduced, but may be too much imho. Bots use a frag around every round but generally less.
Bots sometime can't aim at extreme close distance(3-4 paces), sometime are marksman at med-long range and one tap players.
Bots does not seems to respawn between captures, which make the game clear the point,run to next point and clear another point, and lacks action between points.
To generalize the situation a lot, now its difficult but less bots, but imo more less difficult bots plays better because of more action, may be the devs can implement as the difference of playing as insurgent vs security and vice versa?

Feature/content suggestions:
Flip up sights that can toggle on/off (maybe same cost as 4x optics but only gives 2x magnifiers)
Minimum arming distance of underbarrel grenade launcher (which does exist irl, so people dont blow themselves up)
Pistol red dot sights (use suppressed 33 round glock as primary anyone?)

Great job devs, been enjoying the game so far.

Yes bro, this 100%, I can't wait to play the "35 Angry Bots" servers when they make a return to sandstorm

Can't wait for the 35 Angry Bots also, but I am hoping to see the Sernix servers in Sandstorm

If the modding SDK comes out and is well made, Very Not Fun will probably come back for Sandstorm. Almost of these were things I added in my theaters, and are things asked for by the community pretty regularly.

I'd love to have a huge catalog of mutators available to let server owners create a tailored experience easily, so we can have a wide variety of ways to play the same game.