Bot locations

In insurgency and doi all ppl playing learn the maps so well that it takes less and less time to complete. IMO this lessens the enjoyability of the maps. So since we cant teach bots to move around, why not use the same maps but put the bots in different places at spawn. Say have 3 or more crossings map have them spawn at a location at login, then on the second crossings map have them spawn at different locations at login and so on. This way ppl wont be able to learn the locations of the bots as easily and must proceed with caution just like the very beginning of alpha. I dont know but think this wont be to much problems to just change the locations of the spawning bots.

Do they spawn in various places.

Example: Farmhouse objective A

Inside the room you can have 4 bots in each lower corner, 3 on the ground with 1 on the stair landing, 2 bots on the spawn-side of the room, -OR- you can beat them all to the room and they come walking through the upper door. Often bots don't path to the garage near your choke point, but every so often they do and often catch players off-guard.