Current Issues/Feedback

Hi everyone. I just wanted to get a list of the current issues I'm experiencing, and some feedback on the game so far. I've got about 100hrs in the original and a decent K/D. Before everyone starts crying about how the game is still in beta (this argument seems popular at the moment), at least understand that there is only so many changes that can be made in a couple weeks prior to release, and that the current build may be a pretty good reflection of how the game will perform on launch. Ultimately I don't know how much the team can do in so little time - I guess time will tell. So here's my little rundown:

  1. The locked to spectator bug (see other posts) is catastrophic, and for many players has made it impossible to play the game. It happens frequently to me.
  2. Upon joining online matches, the game often crashes. I always report the crash using the UE4 reporter, but after waiting for a long time (sometimes ages) to join, it's annoying for it to crash. And then you load up the game again, wait again, and then get locked into spectator - really?
  3. There are clearly issues with how the game is running/the netcode/stuttering etc. The original, on the Source engine, felt incredibly smooth - so much so, there was even a genuine competitive scene. This game feels rough, jumpy, and imprecise. Hit registration issues may come into this too. At least when you died/didn't kill someone on the original, you knew that it was your fault. With the beta of this one, there is scope to blame the game in those situations.
  4. There are many graphical issues. It often takes ages for guns/items to load in for me. Sometimes players have no heads/legs etc. The anti-aliasing is only somewhat effective. Tracers sometimes float through the air (especially for the AK47SU I think). Sometimes scopes are just black when you ADS. Why does the screen go grey (like, brightness decrease) when you're in smoke? Is that intentional? It's silly. The smoke is smoky, you don't need further impairment.
  5. The credits thing is often wrong, I buy items and it doesn't reduce the credits I have, and then I try to buy something I have enough for and it says insufficient.
  6. The XP system is pretty awful. Sometimes I will get 1k, sometimes 10k with no real reason.
    And now feedback on some potential changes:
  7. Don't make me right click to cook my nade.
  8. Magnified sights should be flip-to-side mounted, and there should be an option to flip the magnifier away. This doesn't even have to be animated. You could then increase the supply cost of those scopes to balance.
  9. Ammo types in the original were often moaned about - AP ammo was virtually required to be competitive. I see some guns come with AP ammo as default, for balance. It would be cool to see a return of HP ammo, and maybe the option of AP ammo on some guns (maybe at big supply cost?).
    That's all she wrote for the time being. I hope the devs see this, and use the information here to make the game better. I want this game to be successful and fun to play. I hope that, on release, it can be both of those things.

Oh, and now I'm getting 'unable to find game' (or similar) after 'preparing server' consistently. I notice that the player count dropped significantly today. I'm guessing others are having similar issues 😞 .

I agree with all of those points, point No. 4 being for me the most obvious. The textures take a long time to load and sometimes won’t load at all: you start the game without seeing your rifle or without scope. This bug also happens in the game menu: while choosing your class, the character displayed has no head nor arms.

FPS increased since the last beta, but the game still suffers from FPS drops and sometimes freezes.

As to map design, I like them a lot. They feel to me more real and open than in Insurgency. However, I’m not sure spawn points are necessarily well placed. For instance in Crossing in the push mod (the one with 4 points to control and 2 to destroy), insurgents’ spawn feel quite far away from the objectives whereas security’s one seems to be a tad closer.

In the same map, Crossing, I also had a problems because of bushes that are like a hard obstacle, like a wall, which cannot be walked through. I actually died because of that, as I had to run around them instead. Maybe bushes could be like a “soft obstacle”, that is, you could pass through them but it would hurt your legs a little bit and slow you down for a while.

There is something about smokes that I'm sure that other people got while going through it or near it : your screen starts to flash really fast in an epileptic way, between white (normal luminosity) and grey~less brightness and it kinda hurts the eyes.

Everything is right on your points about feedback and I agree most of them.
I would add one important feedback:

6.5. I had a huge issue where my game could not run at all unless because of an untrusted file on System32, and if it happens to some other people it will be a big disappoint for people unless they know how to fix it. I posted my problem and how to fix it here.

And then a potential changes:

  1. The Restricted Area needs to appear clearly on the Tactical Map ! Many times you just try to flank a little corner, a tin wall and then you get into Restricted Area without knowing it until you start walking throught.
    Same as the Restricted Aera, spawn should be noticeable on the Tactical Map; but it's less important.
  2. As soon as you aim, your vision get fuzzy outside of your sight. Obviously it's here to retranscribe the fact that if you look something then everything around is kinda fuzzy for your eyes. It is a good idea, but sadly it bridles the gameplay in a more pratical way. Especially on such wide maps. If people aim somewhere, they're already watching near their sight, we should not add extra blur aspect around it.

Love you all!

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It seems when i shoot at an enemy, my bullets either aren't registering or are extremely inaccurate and sometimes i can spend a whole magazine shooting at a still enemy and not see any blood. I'm not sure if the rifles just don't do much damage or if the bullets actually aren't hitting the enemy. Also when other players use tracers with a rifle the red light starts near the stock but it is outside the gun, so there is a red line next to the gun. When I am in smoke, the smoke disappears when it is on the edge of my screen. The game has quite low fps even on low settings. There should also be a way to see where restricted zones are on the map so that players don't accidentally wander into them and get lost.

When the game starts players hair will only partially load in. And the wave spawn system from Insurgency was better than respawning only when an objective is taken.

The game is incredible and a major improvement from the last game but there are still many issues to work out before final release.

I do not want to see ammo options return because using anything other than ap ammo was pretty much unheard of. I like the way they've implemented a default ap ammo for some guns. It adds another level of variety to the weapons.