Vehicle Mounted MG sights not textured.

the sights on the vehicle mounted MG are just not textured properly, making it near impossible to actually see what you're shooting at. (for me at least) they worked at the start of the beta but now they don't.
0_1535862776669_Desktop Screenshot 2018.09.02 -

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Sorry for upping this old topic, but I still have that problem. It's not as dramatic as what is shown on OP's screenshot, but it's definitely not okay. Is it a LOD problem ? Is there currently a solution ? I heard it could be fixed by deleting ini files, but I don't know which are to be deleted and I don't want to fuck anything up...

it's because you fiddled around with your engine.ini, probably because you followed some optimization guide, just like I did ^^

in this folder

delete the engine.ini

if you don't have a backup then go to steam, right click on your game and go to properties, then Local Data and verify you data/cache. it should download the missing file I think, if not starting the game might create a new file.

Holy shit man. I've came here with the same problem as the OP and I followed your instruction and now the game looks 5 times better. Thanks!

Unfortunately now I get half the frames and get stutter.

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@grabbinpeels1 Thanks, dude. Didn't want to delete all of them. I hope it will boost performance as well !

@grabbinpeels1 Soooo... I did what you said, and it made things worse. Not only did it not fix the mounted MG, but it also increased stuttering by a whole lot and made my character not load properly.

alt text
alt text
alt text

I put the previous version of the .ini file I had. I never modified it anyway. I never used the optimization guide at the begining of the beta. I don't understand why my MG is like it is. It's ugly, but not as gamebraking as massive stutters and invisible people. So, I hope my original engine.ini file will fix everything. I'll wait for future updates, now.

Thank you anyway !

I'm sorry to hear that.

I had performace issues aswell, that's why i used the guide to edit the ini file to be able to play. Thankfully I don't need it anymore after the recent updates.
If you still have issues, you could try the guide and see if it helps.

@grabbinpeels1 The thing is... The game ran perfectly fine (appart from some stutters here and there) before I deleted this ini file. The mounted MG was a bit fucked up, but nothing that made it impossible to use (see picture above). So i think I'll just keep it that way for now.

I haven't launched the game again, but if performance are the same than before I tried to fix the MG's sights, then I won't need to tweak the ini file to play.

I have the same MG sight you show there, but it only showed up like that after i clicked the "Low" preset in video options. My guess is that this preset also lowers object detail, because it's actually not a texture problem but a model or model LOD issue (low poly model being rendered even when mounting the MG).

I guess using another video preset might change it back, but increasing model detail obviously needs more computing power.

I have the exact issue op. I never use the mg because the sights are always messed up like that.

thanks, i deleted my config file and it works