Movement, bugs and stuff /clips/
  1. - this shows what movement looks like for the observer while the enemy is running. He is just sliding around without any rotation in the legs, without any deceleration and I would say with too high velocity. Trying to shoot enemy becomes just random spraying - especially without any tagging whatsoever and the very high TTK. And it looks funny and stupid.

  2. - more of the same but on another map. The problem is tremendous while running, while walking at least the legs and feet have some animation but then the strafing velocity and acceleration are too high and again trying to hit the enemy is just spray.

  3. - this is a nasty bug. Sound of the MG is in the base while the actual shooting is way ahead. I have the feeling this bug happens to footsteps sometimes so you hear it but nobody's there or you don't hear the enemy next to you because the footsteps are somewhere else on the map.

  4. - this is some interesting feature? Or bug?

  5. - now this one I don't know how it happened. I was just editing my loadout wanted to remove the laser and I did in the menu but after I accepted it my gun still had the laser. It's a potential exploit that I'm sure will be used a lot when found how to replicate.

  6. - the commander flare staying in the middle of the air inside the building?

  7. - when hold R to inspect your ammo you do some double move with the hand. Like stroking the grip.

  8. - there are a lot of problematic places on all maps where you get either stuck in the rocks or you're getting slide around the rocks.

  9. - getting into the driving seat of the SUV most of the time leaves you in free look with your weapon in hands and you need to press the use key again to grab the steering wheel. Not a big issue but if you're in a hurry it might get you killed.

  10. - black scope while spectating.

Those are just some issues I clipped for an hour. So the way I see it you have a lot of work to do lads. And you have only 2 weeks. At this point I tend to agree with some opinions out there that the game official release should be postponed for some time - a month, two or six. Who knows. But if you release the game at this state it might not go very well for you. The negativity will be bad.

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Also this. I forgot to add it. This happens in a lot of places and it's a bit exploitable. Sometimes only the player head is visible. - disappearing wall... not good. - and this one is not very important but still a thing - leaving playable area almost inside the spawn area.

Can I have a response from someone from NWI that those are seen? Especially the sound bug and the disappearing wall are very important.