Kill sound indicator

It would be nice to have some indicator when we kill some enemy. It's really simple but I like to realize when I get a kill with some sound or a visual marker that I've killed an enemy, like for example Bf1 does, a red marker in the center of the screen with a characteristic sound.

It would be also really useful when calling in artillery strikes, so you may realise how many kills you've got. I even sometimes don't realise that I killed lots of enemies and when I see my current stats I see I got like more than 10 kills and I didn't even know.

Thats much "Arcade" and most of players are wanting the game to be more realistic like old Insurgency!

If you're close enough you'll hear the bullet hit them, see blood spray out, and maybe hear them make horrible sounds as they die. You know, like real life.

No indicator is wanted! Then you might as well go play BF....

Nope. Confirm the kill through your vision or find the body. Insurgency is not your casual fps game.

@slazenger Finding the body is a great argument. I love to sneak forward carefully after a intense firefight not knowing whether the enemy is dead or hiding just to find his corpse behind the corner