Simple but needed feedback.
  1. Observer comm spam, please set a timer.
  2. Vote kick for Teamkillers.
  3. Reduce artillery spam (coming from a commander main, it's broken and annoying)
  4. optimization
  5. Lower the TTK or add AP rounds back (?)
  6. Squad Icons for parties, like the original insurgency had.
    Optional : Plant the bomb mode - no respawn at all - (maybe?)

I like the idea of more game modes.
Kick teamkiller is too radical but teamkiller should be punished with loose of a respawn wave for example.


@raven1cg said in Simple but needed feedback.:

  1. Lower the TTK or add AP rounds back (?)

They should fix the Hit-Reg first!
Sometimes i can blast away an enemy with one shotgun round in the chest, sometimes i takes 3-4 shots on the head.
I don´t mind if firefights are taking longer though....