Forcing Players to Use These Forums is a Mistake

Just look at the view counts and reply numbers. Even the most popular threads only have 30 comments in them. This forum is practically dead. Using the built in Steam forums would guarantee people could actually participate and would be a MUCH better way to interact with the community (people might actually see and participate in the discussions) It's also very easy to create sub categories for Suggestions, Bugs, General, etc...and you don't need to open a browser or create a new login account to do any of that.

On top of that. Them saying this is the "official forum for feedback and bug reporting". I've made multiple posts in the last few days and haven't seen any confirmation that they even read this stuff....

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It is not about forcing players, but people should come here themselves if they have any trouble with the game or anything that comes around.
If you got any trouble feel free to post anything, give feedbacks, and even if it will might not have a huge impact, people will atleast be aware of things that worries you.
If many people seem to have the same problem as yours, then they will probably fix it.
As an example, you can see that many people posted on multiple posts about getting stuck in spectator mod when joining a game, it will obviously be a feedback with impact, since people just did complain about that bug more often than usual.

Hopefully people will keep that forum alive and won't get triggered too much if no answer.

Love you all!

Steam unfortunately attracts the more toxic and trollish behavior. That's just a fact. The likely hood of a trolling user to create an account on these forums are unlikely. The odds of a user who cares about the game who'll give fair feedback is more likely to create an account to share that feedback. Anyone with a Steam account can post anywhere on Steam, thus making it a much more cluttered field.I don't know the exact reasoning about that choice of theirs but I could see this being one of them.

I always subscribe to the "official" forums when I want to discuss the game, discover new information, report issues to the developer, etc. .....Twitter for news and sometimes Reddit but when I want a serious forum for sharing ideas, etc., I go to the source if available. There are exceptions though and that's when I look for well established fan sites.

In this case, I'd rather interact here than a place like Steam for reasons Price mentioned.