Level Skipping/No Rewards

I have noticed that in my time playing the game, I have jumped ahead levels a few times. Once I jumped to level 3, and I didn't think too much of it because I figured I might have just leveled up another level. It was after my first match after all, so I could have earned enough experience to level up twice I thought. Quickly though, I noticed that I didn't get anything for leveling up to level 3. I shrugged it off as a game bug.

More recently, I leveled up from 5, to 6. With just barely enough XP to make it to level 6. However, once I reached level 6 and it displayed my rewards, it jumped up to level 7. It then displayed the exact same rewards I got for level 6, but when I checked, I didn't get an extra 100 credits.

So I've found that now and then, the game will boost you up an extra level, and that extra level it boosts you doesn't even give you a reward.

I am currently level 7. I have not bought a single cosmetic. Yet, I only have 400 credits. (Edit: My credits should be around 600, given you earn 100 credits per level.)


Of course, I haven't received some of the seemingly random cosmetics you unlock with each level progression either. I would guess I haven't received two random unlocks, due to me missing credits from two level ups. But the credits thing is much more apparent and provable.

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I just noticed that only the bonuses seem to apply to the post-match progress bar when it would result in rolling over to another level, which then prevents it from showing rewards and may require a restart to show credit/level increases (I think my level may have shown in the main menu this time though).

I have tried restarting. It worked for situations which did not include the level skips, which instead they just didn't appear. But these level skips, as far as I am concerned, are not fixable by re logging or anything. It simply boosts you up an extra level, and shows the same rewards as the last level, but doesn't give you anything.

It kinda sucks, I wanted to buy some cosmetics and it's only harder to get credits, the higher up you are in level, the harder it is to level up.. And I can only wonder what I could have gotten randomly.

But I expect it all to reset before release. I just wish I could have customized my characters more, as I believe this beta goes all the way up to release.

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