Rocket Barrage Visuals are Horribly Bugged

I have never seen a single Rocket Barrage that doesn't look horribly bugged, having the rocket trails spaz out, the rockets coming in BACKWARDS, and the launch visuals happening AFTER the rockets land.

Here are some examples. Sry, A video obviously would have been better.

In this picture the rockets are coming out of the sky from about where the chat window is, and landing on a target just below my shotgun. Notice the rockets "launching" on the right after coming down (with their boosters pointing the wrong way)

These "hanging ribbons of smoke" are supposed to be the incoming rocket trails...

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bumping this because it still happens.

@amurka I thought that was ricocheting and was done on purpose no?

@io543 Ricochet theoretically makes sense.

What doesn't make sense is that the rockets, that have rocket boosters on the back, land sideways from above lmao.

@marksmanmax Yes, I get what you mean now, the rockets are facing the wrong way before they land, and doesn't change when they bounce back. Not sure how realistic the smoke is either.

@io543 Smoke seems alright to me. As for the rockets, it's actually less effective than it should be sometimes due to the rockets ricocheting off into the sky. It was even shown off in the Raw PvP Gameplay trailer like it was a feature lmao.

I also cannot see them coming in the sky until just before they land, but in singleplayer (offline) everything works fine and I can actually see the rocket barrage (and mortars) as they were intended.