Magazine Ammo Count - Suggestion

Have regular mags with no visual and doesn't give a ammo count except a magazine count. Have points to be used for certain weapons to get certain types of mags to see how many rounds you have*. *=Generally PMAGS with a Rough estimate. Not all weapons being able to have said magazines only the main 30 RND AK/STANAG variants.

They made it a weight-estimate system for a reason.

There's also no PMAGs in the game, so.. no, system works fine as is

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It's a suggestion, also only being able to see the current magazine would be nice as well. Like having to take it out of the gun and inspect it by holding R. But the rest of the magazines just show up as a number without letting you know how many rounds you have in that next mag you might reload.

@ronmose in Sandstorm you shake the gun and lift your ammo-carrier, that's about as much of a detailed way we'd need.. hell I've done it in real life to get an idea of ammo left, and it more or less works

@ronmose that would only give you a 1 to 3 round-count accuracy by looking at the ammo, obviously getting an idea of the weight of it too, but for weight you might as well leave it in the gun to not inconvenience yourself at a bad time